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  • Website Design

    Clients interested in website design can expect designs that are made with implementation in mind. Many design studios will create high-impact designs that may not always work well with the client’s business needs, data structure, or technical implementation. Favish takes care to understand the underlying business needs and data structure to incorporate these essential elements in an intelligent way emphasized by the design. With our experience in modern web architecture, designs put forth will take advantage of our institutional knowledge and modern capabilities to provide a stable yet exciting experience.

  • Website Development

    Favish is a leading open source web development shop. We’re an agile group of thinkers and builders providing consulting, information architecture, user interface design and web/mobile development and deployment. Favish values open source software, using solutions such as Docker, NodeJS and React. Clients working with Favish can expect a snappy, responsive experience from implementations.

    Favish follows an Agile methodology, creating user stories to identify necessary functionality from designs. Once user stories are approved, a timeline is created for implementation, testing, and launch. Development work is tackled in sprints, with meetings on a Customer-requested cadence to keep Customers abreast of progress against the overall timeline.

  • DNS Management

    Favish provides DNS management consisting of configuring and managing DNS records, such as A, CNAME, MX, and TXT records.

  • Business Analysis Services

    To support the analysis needs of our customers, Favish has extensive experience setting up and maintaining GA, GA4, and GTM, including reporting within GA + GA4. Favish also offers integration between GA/GA4 and client CRM if applicable.

  • Website + Cloud Hosting

    Favish leverages enterprise PaaS providers like Google, Amazon and IBM to provide the infrastructure that comprises our Cloud Platform for website deployment and hosting. We also leverage a Continuous Integration pipeline through Github Actions and Circle CI to streamline and remove human error from the process of rolling out the changes on our sites. All of these workloads are containerized and seamlessly orchestrated by leveraging Kubernetes to deploy applications built in any language or framework.

  • Accessibility Services

    Following the standard of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and WCAG 2.0 AA, Favish uses ANDI (Accessible Name & Description Inspector) and CCA (Color Contrast Analyzer) along with WAVE and Google Lighthouse to test completed components during our internal QA, and again for the site as a whole ahead of site-wide client UAT. Favish completes testing for each of the baseline categories; in the event of a non-passing component, notes are made in the work ticket regarding the baseline and suggestions for improvement for the developer to complete.

  • Web Content Management

    When specifying a project that requires a content management system, Favish will weigh the CMS needs with the technical capabilities of users, existing infrastructure, future plans, and customer preferences to determine the best solution. Favish tends to prefer a headless CMS experience, often reaching for Drupal as the solution.

  • Web Training, Maintenance + Support

    Training, maintenance and support are offered with various options. Trainings are available in-person (requiring advance notice + additional cost), live remotely, or as recorded videos to be watched as needed. Favish will work with the Customer to determine best practices where possible, recording this information in a customer portal for distribution and ongoing viewing.

    Maintenance and support are offered either on a monthly basis or ad-hoc through the purchase of bulk hours to use as needed. This can include bug fixes, minor updates, and infrastructure maintenance and necessary upgrades to the various included environments.

  • Turnkey Solutions

    Turnkey solutions can vary in size and scope, depending on the needs of the customer. Favish is able to provide everything from a turnkey site to application, fully supporting the customer’s needs in design, development, DNS, site hosting, content management, accessibility, training, maintenance + support.

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Favish commits to executing projects in accordance with the agreed upon scope of work. Customers may provide written notice to Favish of errors, inaccuracies, or other deficiencies in services provided under a Purchase Order within thirty (30) calendar days of delivery. Favish shall correct such error, inaccuracy, or other deficiency at no additional cost to Customer within this thirty-day timeframe.
Due to the nature of the services provided, no returns are available.


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